Looking at an Article – dazeddigital.com

So I looked at the front page and decided to click on the blue square with the OLR since I didn’t know what it meant.
DD tried to get all of front page

Here is the page that pops up.
clicked the blue square

The content below the article is arranged in the same manner (i.e in a grid) as the home page. The only difference is that this grid does not have the larger horizontal banners at regular intervals. It does, however, have rows of modules at regular intervals, as seen below.
clicked the blue square seperaters

Plus – The adverts are not particularly distracting as they blend quite well with the rest of the content in the grid. Everything fits quite neatly into the grid.

What I am seeing from this website is that the designers are constantly giving the viewer more options to click on. You don’t have to click back to get to a new page.

Minus – There are two advertising modules on this page. Some people may dislike the presence of advertising.

Interesting – There are tags after the body text so you can find more relevant content. I was quite surprised that at the end of the article, I could continue to scroll down and there was more and more content.

I included this page (below) because I was interested in how they had placed the picture of the figure. The image isn’t square so it doesn’t fit into the grid in the same way as the blue image in the article above. The image has been aligned to the right hand side of the column. I suppose this makes sense as the thumbnails below are also aligned more to the right hand side.
pic centre alligned


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