Looking at the Grid – dazeddigital.com

Plus – As you scroll down you can see all the different articles. The pictures and subject titles help you to decide which article you want to look at. It’s nice to have a choice.

Minus – Some people may find the grid overwhelming. Some people may prefer one column with each article on its own row, like a list.

Interesting – Each article has a picture which makes it really interesting. Its colourful and I feel like there’s a lot going on.

DD all of front page2

As you scroll down, more content appears. I scrolled quite far down and I realised that at intervals there is a horizontal banner. I suppose the banners are there to break up the grid and the image here of the three models looks attractive.
section 1
Picture above: It’s interesting to note that above the banner there are some social media buttons. The designers haven’t used the logos/icons of the other web sites. They have kept the buttons in the same black and white style as the rest of the website.

It’s interesting to note that the designers have chosen to leave some of the grid empty. I was surprised they had done this as I always feel pressure not to leave ‘blank‘ spaces. I think it’s a good thing.

section 2
The subject of all the banners is fashion so this makes me think that fashion is a big part of this website. I thought the grid might be made of one pattern that repeats but I think each grid is different.

DD further down
Connotations – The simple black and white colour scheme makes me feel like the website is straight to the point and confident about delivering the content in a direct manner. Gimmicks are not needed.

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