First Impressions –

Plus – It immediately looks bright and colourful. The main window scrolls through a number of different pictures. I think its great to have this because it entertains you and shows you what type of content the site contains.
DD front page

Minus – I struggle to read the white type. It isn’t enough to make me give up on the site though. It’s just a bit annoying.

Interesting – The scrolling pictures are interesting. I don’t know what the blue square with the OLR means so that’s interesting. It’s interesting to see a figure wearing a balaclava.

Connotations – The menu at the top shows there is a lot of content here. I feel like this website is ‘cool‘ and it has the scoop on current issues and culture. I get the impression the creators are confident and aren’t afraid to show the content. This first page packs a punch.


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