Inspiration from Instagram – Lateral Thinking

As a designer I think its important to glean inspiration from the things I come across in my everyday life. I found this picture on Instagram. This is the phone case of Stassi Schroeder, Fashion Columnist for the
stassi phone case

The phone cover was designed by Michelle Madonna. You can see her other designs here

Since I’m learning about culture and fashion I think it’s a good idea to see what other young designers are creating.

I thought it was really interesting and unexpected to see a floral design matched with gold studs. It’s the weirdest combination but as you can see it looks pretty cool. It mixes feminine and masculine.

I don’t know if I will be using a design like this for my website but as a designer it is certainly interesting to see this item. I think it will help me to keep an open mind about design and to remember that it is important to experiment.

One thought on “Inspiration from Instagram – Lateral Thinking

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